Red Flame Photo | About Me


     Welcome to Red Flame Photo. I am the photographer Justin Koteff. Red Flame Photo is based in Las Vegas and specializes in band photography - concerts and promo. I have covered rock, metal, punk, indie, industrial, and country bands. I specialize on working with artists based in the Las Vegas music scene. My work has been published in Vegas Rocks!, Vegas Seven, Terrorizer, and Metal Hammer.

     I first discovered photography in 2007 when I stepped into a Peter Lik Gallery of Fine Art Landscapes ( Something inside me changed that day, and I realized right then and there photography was what I wanted to do with my life. Fast Forward three years, and I now hold a degree in commercial photography with high honors from the College of Southern Nevada, and have my own photography business - Red Flame Photo.

     Through my work with Red Flame Photo, I am able to combine my love of photography with my life long passion of music, more specifically, metal music. Music has been the biggest influence in my life for the past twenty years, and it is a dream to combine those two passions into one. It is a great rush taking pictures of bands playing life, and it is amazing to get to know these musicians, and learn what drives them to create music. Right now my focus is on the local scene here in Las Vegas. It is eye opening to realize just how many great artists are in this city. All one has to do is simply pick a venue on almost any given night, and they will be in store for something remarkable. So many musicians, so much music, so many pictures to take. I wouldn't want it any other way.


I would like to thank my teacher, mentor, and friend Randy Becker at CSN for all of his help and guidance. None of this would have been possible without you my friend.